FAQ Friday!

May 19, 2022

FAQ FRIDAY! “My baby DOES NOT LIKE tummy time. They cry and yell at me the entire time. What’s going on?” We hear this statement from new parents all the time in regards to putting their baby on tummy time. Here are some tips to get your baby to enjoy tummy time: Your little one…

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Tongue & Lip Tie

April 28, 2022

Tongue and lip ties are not just about breastfeeding and speech… Tongue ties can affect the physiological structure of the spine and cranium and the neurological function and development of a child. Down the line…side effects of oral ties include: Reflux. Restricted airway. Abnormal facial features. Sensory processing challenges. Improper breathing. Poor Sleep. ADHD. Decreased…

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C H I R O K I D S !

April 15, 2022

C H I R O K I D S ! We wholeheartedly believe that it is essential to grow healthy kids rather than playing catch up as adults later in life. The nervous system is the master controller of the body and it is responsible for coordinating and operating ALL of the body’s systems. By…

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A Healthy Vagus Nerve

April 6, 2022

Creating balance and proper activation of the vagus nerve is a focus of every adjustment at Pure Light Family Chiropractic. Our neurological scans assess the function of the vagus nerve and how it is affecting your body or your child’s body. A balanced and healthy vagus nerve has profound health benefits for your whole nervous…

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Perspective and Healing

March 15, 2022

Perspective is a key factor in the healing process. It would be amazing if healing happened in a linear manner, however ups and downs are inevitable. Your mindset matters. Here some empowering statements to help you shift your perspective: -Your body is reacting perfectly to preceding events. Oftentimes what feels “broken”, is just a perfect…

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Is Being Healthy Easy?

March 3, 2022

We are certain that all truly healthy people would say the answer is no. It takes commitment and dedication to continuously exercise, eat healthy and balanced, avoid chemicals and toxins, support your body’s detoxification system, to supplement what has been depleted from our soils, and to keep up with your wellness chiropractic adjustments and other…

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Developmental Milestones: Crawling

March 3, 2022

CRAWLING IS VERY IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTAL MILESTONE! Proper crawling involves a cross-crawl pattern with the arms and legs that plays a HUGE role in brain development. The cross-crawl motion begins the cascade of the communication between the right and left sides of the brain. Right and left brain communication is the foundation of talking, walking, and…

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Reflexes in Children

February 28, 2022

Why do you check so many reflexes on my child during their evaluation? Primitive reflexes are reflexes that develop in utero to assist with natural birth and basic survival needs in infancy. Each reflex has its own predictable timing and duration. As a child’s brain develops in the first 1-2 years of life, these reflexes…

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Colicky to Calm

February 24, 2022

Colicky to calm. Five nightly wakes up to sleeping through the night. Outrageous tantrums to normal frustrations. Impossible to focus to quietly getting school work done. No talking to chatting up a storm. Developmentally delayed to developmentally advanced. These are just a few categories of the miraculous transformations that we see on a daily basis…

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Start Healing Your Nervous System Today!

February 18, 2022

We will always be honest with you about what it takes to meet you and your family’s health goals. When you come into Pure Light for you or your child’s Initial Discovery, the doctors will always do a thorough consultation to learn everything they can about your current health challenges, symptoms, your past challenges and…

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