Sensory Kiddo pt 3


This is part three of our Sensory Kiddo series – How do you heal your sensory child?

First, they need to get adjusted by a brain-based, nervous system focused chiropractor who understands how their nervous system works, how to adjust them, how to create a proper care plan to meet their specific needs, and who truly understands how to take them through this healing transformation that their nervous system, their body, & their family – YOU – so desperately need.

There are some things you can do at home to help:

– get your child to turn their head side to side.

– play catch if they can catch

– get them to jump on an individual trampoline

– get them to activate their central nervous system in an axial way to get their head, neck and body moving

– spend time outside grounding in nature, even during the cold weather

– reduce their toxin load by eliminating their exposure to artificial dyes, flavors, fragrance – keep it organic & non-GMO.

– create a structured, consistent & calm bedtime routine

– reduce exposure to blue light & technology at least an hour or two before bedtime

Bedtime is important! The last hour before bedtime is crucial for how their nervous system integrates, detoxifies and regenerates throughout the night during their sleep. Sleep is incredibly foundational.

Implement these tactics today to start seeing your child on the transformation and healing path they deserve!

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