Signs Your Infant Needs a Neurologically-Based Chiropractor


Signs your infant needs a neurologically-based chiropractor:
-lift/hold their head up right after birth
-roll to a favored side for sleep
-only turn their head one direction
-stuck tilt/turn of their head
-hands are always clenched into a fist
-difficulty with breastfeeding or latch
-colic or inconsolable crying
-reflux or excessive spit-up
-skin issues
-gassiness & bloating

All the signs above indicate there is stress & tension in your baby’s system that needs help unwinding.

Birth is a HUGE event for both mama and baby.

Whether your baby was born vaginally, or via C-Section, we always recommend bringing in your newborn for a neurological evaluation and care.

Every gentle adjustment is geared towards helping your baby unwind and balance their brain for even greater, advanced development.

At Pure Light, we always focus on gentle, empowered care so you and your family feel supported at every stage of life!

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