Commitment. Consistency. Change.

March 22, 2021

We will always be honest with you about what it takes to meet you and your family’s health goals. When you come into Pure Light for you or your child’s Initial Discovery, the doctors will always do a thorough consultation to learn everything they can about your current health challenges, symptoms, your past challenges and…

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Living Holistically

March 16, 2021

In order to always be one step ahead of antiquated research, simply use common sense. We live in a stressful, toxic world and healthcare advice is often based on outdated science and follows a reactive instead of a proactive health paradigm. Some simple questions to ask yourself: Is is safe to eat and drink all…

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Birth Trauma

March 11, 2021

Think about how delicate a new baby is…Now imagine the stress of the birth process and added birth interventions upon a tiny baby’s spine. The devastating effects of birth trauma on a newborn’s spine is the most overlooked health problem in our society for two reasons: 1. No obvious symptoms 2. No visible traumaIt is…

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What is your health paradigm?

March 8, 2021

What is your health paradigm? Do you make choices to avoid pain and loss or do you make choices to create growth and become your best self? Do you prepare to live or do you discover how to live fully? Do you worry about falling back or do you focus on moving forward? Do you…

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Life in Synchronization

February 15, 2021

Life wants to be in synchronization. Your body wants to be healthy! The nervous system is the master controller of our bodies and its ability to communicate through a complex neural network determines the body’s ability to self-regulate, function and heal. Every experience we have in life is lived through our nervous system — this…

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The Gravity of Growth Mode

December 21, 2020

It is a common yet always profound experience for us when new parents explain to us that after their baby’s adjustment — “We handed them back a new baby.” This means their child was struggling and now they are calm, collected, sleepy and happy. Parents get to finally experience the truest expression of their child.…

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Unwinding Baby Stress

December 8, 2020

We have had SO MANY new babies express a common thread in our office recently…They have been uncomfortable, fussy, and unable to fully connect with their parents. It has been stressing out parents and not creating a foundation of proper function within their little bodies. Just a few weeks into care & these little ones…

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The Road Less Travelled

November 30, 2020

Recently, a friend sent me a picture of his daughter and his niece sitting on the floor together. They were born within two weeks of each other. .In the picture, his daughter was engaged and attentively looking at a book. .His niece was gazing off into space. The words attached to the photo, “The picture…

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5 Essentials to Raising a Super Human Toddler

October 9, 2020

5 Essentials to raising a Super Human Toddler We tell parents all the time, “You have to create a rock-solid foundation for your child’s well being before you build anything on top of that foundation”. Consistent chiropractic care creates the rock-solid foundation because it allows the nervous system to find balance and heal from birth…

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Swaddling and Sensory Self-Soothing

October 7, 2020

Swaddling and Sensory Self-Soothing We love to empower and guide parents to help make your new role easier. We see new moms and dads go through the motions of learning so many new things everyday. We want to share what we see over and over to help build your confidence. Parenting advice and information is…

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