5 Common Ways Mothers Become Overpowered

5 common ways

Mama bears – YOU HAVE POWER. Your sense of power isn’t coming from a heart posture of domination and control – rather a loving, educated and attuned posture – because YOU know what is best for your child.

As a mother, it can be incredibly overwhelming to hear all of the different opinions and advice being constantly hurdled your way on ALL things. Ultimately YOU are in charge.

  1. Maternity Care: 99% of women follow western medicine protocols when it comes to pregnancy care & birth prep. They may participate in tests and screenings that they didn’t know were optional or weren’t fully educated on the risks & benefits. You have SO much choice & power during your pregnancy & birth. It is never too late to find a provider that wholly supports you.
  2. Parenting: “Experts” may have the best intentions but at the end of the day they are coming from all ends of the spectrum. As a momma, you are in the thick of trying to figure out where you fall & it is easy to get overwhelmed by the opinions of others. Every child has unique needs. It is crucial to understand normal child development & how that plays a role in the expectations you place on your child. Listen to your intuition because you know your child best!
  3. Family: It can be easy to give away your power to your own mother or your partner’s mother and feel criticized and judged. Have clear boundaries & be confident in your choices if you are struggling with feeling like your values as a mother aren’t being respected.
  4. Healthcare: It’s important to find a pediatrician that is open to your questions & respects your “No!.” Far too often we hear stories of women being bullied or shamed by their child’s doctor for simply asking questions. You are still the authority over your child.
  5. Education: It is common to give power away to the school system. So many children are herded into a system that doesn’t support them & allow them to thrive. Instead of changing the environment, we try to change the child to fit the environment through medication, therapy, or discipline. Ask yourself “Is my child thriving in this environment?” “Is there a better path for my child?”
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