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Pure Light: A Family Health Studio provides quality chiropractic care in Bend OR and surrounding areas while teaching The 100 Year Lifestyle principles of optimum health, longevity and wellness.

Our mission is simple - help you to have a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby, and a healthy family!

Our focus is always on enhancing the function of the master control system of the body - the central nervous system. Gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments are provided to improve the connection between the brain and body, allowing for greater adaptability to a stressful toxic world and to improve overall well-being.

We are committed to helping you and your loved one's live the best life possible every single day, from birth to 100 years and beyond.

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Patient Reviews

"Dr. David and Dr. Sarah have changed our lives! My now 6 month old was sent to Physical Therapy for range of motion issues in his neck. He was a colicky baby and has reflux issues and a friend of mine suggested I try Pure Light on top of PT. We have been going for 5 (ish) weeks now and my baby is now the happiest baby ever! He smiles more than ever and no longer has range of motion issues. His reflux has also improved!

My 3 and a half year old is now being seen to help him unwind easier and to just be a happier/healthier boy. I can already see he difference in him after 3 weeks.

I would recommend Pure Light to ANY and EVERYONE! Such a wonderful husband and wife Doctor Duo!"

Kila B.

"I was near the end of my pregnancy when I was experiencing constant back and hip pain. I had seen chiropractors in the past but I was afraid due to their typical manner of adjusting. After my midwife pushed me to seek help for my pain, I found Pure Light. Dr Sarah answered immediately, got me in the next day. She was extremely compassionate with my situation. After I had gone for my first consult and adjustment I knew I wanted my whole family seeing Dr Sarah. Not only was she compassionate and gentle but was so effective. I felt like I had a new body every time I left her studio. I had a very short and smooth labor and delivery of our baby girl.

Later, Dr David joined the practice and just added to the atmosphere and caring nature of Pure Light. After I had such great success I decided to have my husband see them. He was struggling with shoulder pain and saying "I feel like my body is falling apart." My husband is now able to work 50 hour weeks!

Our daughter sees Dr Sarah and Dr David. We wouldn't trust anyone else. Her first adjustment was at 2 days old! If you're looking to finally heal your body, help with a pregnancy and/or help your infant and child I HIGHLY recommend Pure Light!"

Sierra P.

"I have suffered from chronic allergies, migraines, TMJ dysfunction and hip pain for most of my life. I was apprehensive about seeking chiropractic care due to not liking the "popping and cracking" that I assumed all chiropractors did to realign your spine. Then I met Dr Sarah at a community event. I decided to give her a try. At my first adjustment, Dr Sarah described everything that she was going to do, waylaying my fears and putting me at ease. I left looking forward to my next appointment.

I have been seeing both Dr Sarah and Dr David routinely. They are an amazing team.Since seeing them, my jaw has improved, my migraines are nonexistent and I have decreased daily migraine prevention medication. My hip problem, which likely stems from when I first started walking, is much improved and I feel "normal." Best of all is the change in my allergies and overall health. I am able to fight off colds and flu much easier than ever before.

Thank you Dr Sarah and Dr David for helping me to see what it feels like to be able to really live my life! You are truly the best!!!"

Marnie C.

"For those seeking a partnership in their path of healing and well-being I would highly recommend Dr. David and Dr. Sarah. Their knowledge and understanding of how to increase your quality of life through chiropractic care is wondrous. They approach health with a holistic approach that's intuitive, genuine and kind.

Since coming into Pure Light 3 months ago, I have experienced an increase in immune function, balancing of the nervous system and restoring alignment. Which means less frequent illnesses, less anxiety, increase in energy and overall sense of well-being. I have had previous care under different providers and know that there is something very unique about the care received at Pure Light."

Amy B.