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As Bend, Oregon’s leading prenatal and pediatric holistic health providers, we strive to create an extraordinary experience for the entire family! We specialize in family wellness with a focus on maternal and pediatric care.

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Dr. Sarah, Dr. David, Dr. Liz

“We have a shared vision of helping Central Oregon become full of happy, healthy, and thriving families.”

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brittany s

Brittany S.

"If you are thinking about taking your little one or yourself to see Dr. Sarah and Dr. David, DO IT!! This is going to be a little long, but worth the read!!! These two have been such a blessing for our baby girl! We first brought her to see them when she was just 2 weeks old..." [continued]

elizabeth b

Elizabeth B.

"Dr. Sarah and Dr. David helped both my 15-month-old son and myself. I was exploring chiropractic care as a way to decrease stress. Dr. Sarah and Dr. David did a comprehensive analysis of my health history, a thermal scan, and heart rate variability scan to analyze stress and interference in my nervous system..." [continued]

emerald s

Emerald S.

"I started seeing Dr. Sarah and Dr. David as part of my prenatal treatment. I am absolutely sure that their treatments helped to make my labor quick by aligning my pelvis. I am so grateful! They now are helping to get me back aligned post-pregnancy, and have also adjusted my baby.." [continued]

melissa p

Melissa P.

"Early in the second trimester of my pregnancy I suffered from horrible sciatica and was barely able to walk. Dr. David and Dr. Sarah were able to relieve the pain completely in only two visits. I continued to receive care throughout my pregnancy and believe it played an instrumental role in the..." [continued]

sierra p

Sierra P.

"I was near the end of my first pregnancy when I was experiencing constant back and hip pain. I had seen chiropractors in the past but I was afraid due to their typical manner of adjusting. After my midwife pushed me to seek help for my pain I went on Google and found Pure Light..." [continued]

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FAQ Friday!

May 19, 2022

FAQ FRIDAY! “My baby DOES NOT LIKE tummy time. They cry and yell at me the entire time. What’s going on?” We hear this statement from new parents all the time in regards to putting their baby on tummy time. Here are some tips to get your baby to enjoy tummy time: Your little one…

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Proactive Choices for Expecting Moms

May 4, 2022

Hey expecting mamas! Want to make conscious & proactive choices to have a healthy pregnancy, prepare for birth and experience a strong postpartum recovery? Avoid excessive sitting. When you sit too much, your hip flexor muscle (psoas) can become very contracted. This muscle actually sits on backside of your uterus and can cause torsion and…

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Tongue & Lip Tie

April 28, 2022

Tongue and lip ties are not just about breastfeeding and speech… Tongue ties can affect the physiological structure of the spine and cranium and the neurological function and development of a child. Down the line…side effects of oral ties include: Reflux. Restricted airway. Abnormal facial features. Sensory processing challenges. Improper breathing. Poor Sleep. ADHD. Decreased…

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Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

April 27, 2022

If a mother’s pelvis is misaligned and her sacrum is rotated… how is that going to affect her baby? How is it going to impact birth? Biomechanical dysfunction in the spine, sacrum, and pelvis can lead to a more difficult and more painful labor. As prenatal chiropractors, the doctors at Pure Light have advanced training…

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