Healing Your Sensory Child


At Pure Light, our doctors specialize in caring for children with neuro-developmental challenges, including ADHD, autism, and sensory processing challenges. The biggest goal of brain-based chiropractic care is to help these children turn their differences into superpowers and help them to thrive!

When working with families, we have a true passion for providing awareness, answers, and most of all, hope to families who struggle with these challenges. Gentle adjustments calm their nervous systems to allow their unique amazingness to shine through — whether it is big emotions, tenderness with transitions, high energy, extreme detail to numbers, patterns, and colors or being able to “feel” more strongly than their peers. We view their sensory and spectrum challenges as a way of expressing themselves, and we love seeing their individual personalities and quality of life begin to blossom as chiropractic care becomes a part of their healthy lifestyle.