Success Stories

Our patients say it best! Read some of our favorite success stories. If you want to share your story, click the icons below. Thank you 🙂

Success Stories

Our patients say it best! Read some of our favorite success stories. If you want to share your story, click the icons below. Thank you 🙂


Becky T

We found Pure Light last year and since then I’ve taken all 3 of my children to be cared for by Dr David, Dr Sarah and Dr Liz. It has been life changing in so many ways. They treat you like family every single visit, they care about your entire family, take their time to help equip you with the knowledge you need as a parent to succeed and make healthier changes in life. They are kind and considerate and don’t force anything on you. I’ve seen amazing changes in my children and we have made so many changes in our lifestyle to become healthier and happier. They truly invest in your life and it’s like a home away from home the moment you pull into the parking lot. My 1 1/2 year old had double ear infections every month and was set up to have tubes put in but we started him at Pure Light and he ended up not needing tubes put in and hasn’t had an ear infection in almost a year! My 4 year old has struggles with sensory sensitivity and developmental delays including still being in diapers and since beginning care his speech and awareness has improved in an insane way and he is finally wearing underwear all day long, he uses his senses and has been noticing smells something he hadn’t noticed before, he sleeps better, he’s more coordinated. He’s like a whole new kid. Truly life changing. My newborn who is now 9 months old just recently began being seen due to not being able to sit up or crawl yet and not wanting to put weight on her legs… she just sat up for a minute and a half unsupported a couple days ago for the first time and I’m confident I’ll be able to report amazing changes to her as well!! Don’t walk, RUN to pure light because it’ll be the best decision you ever made for your family. We can’t thank them enough.


Dawn Z

We cannot say enough amazing things about this office & all of their staff. Every single part of the appointment will put a new mom like myself at ease - from the parking lot with special signs for moms with children to the fully stocked/family friendly bathrooms. Aside from caring very much about what they do & being great at it, they are geared towards full mind/body wellness, The entire staff is exceptionally friendly & kindhearted. We brought our 2 month old here & not only were they able to quickly relieve her torticollis, but now the whole family gets seen. 11/10 recommend."


Lisa R.

I discovered Pure Light before we moved to Bend, knowing that I wanted to take my toddler there for care. I'm so glad we did, as it has been a transformative experience for him, touching many aspects of his overall health and wellbeing including mood, sleep, eating, play, and structural alignment. I appreciate that the care is rooted in supporting the central nervous system, as that impacts all aspects of our lives. We see Dr Sarah and she has been compassionate, attentive, and encouraging with her care and support with conscious parenting. The WHOLE team is amazing too, they are so friendly and fun and we always look forward to coming into the office. I'm also now receiving care and am so grateful to be feeling more aligned in my body after having a baby, and I have been feeling less stressed as my parasympathetic nervous system is more active. I could go on, and there are so many awesome reviews for a reason. Thank you to everyone at Pure Light, we are so grateful to have found you!

Alice O

Alice O.

They truly do a wonderful job. I wish I had known them during and immediately after my pregnancy and I am so glad we found them at all. Under their care we have seen our 2 year old become a healthy, solid sleeper. She no longer complains of back pain during diaper changes, and over-all is not in the constant fight-or-flight that was a result of a traumatic birth. And their caring, genuine, holistic approach is so welcoming. Thank you for your care and for being such a wonderful part of the wellness community in Bend!

amy b

Amy B.

For those seeking a partnership in their path of healing and well-being I would highly recommend Dr. David and Dr. Sarah. Their knowledge and understanding of how to increase your quality of life through chiropractic care is wonderous. They approach health with a holistic approach that’s intuitive, genuine and kind. Since coming into their care 3 months ago I have experienced an increase in immune function, balancing of the nervous system and restoring alignment. Which means less frequent illnesses, less anxiety, increase in energy and overall sense of well-being. I have had previous care under different providers and know that there is something very unique about the care received at Pure Light Chiropractic.

breann v

Breann V.

I'm thankful for Dr. David and Dr. Sarah for many things. They are extremely easy to talk to and listen well to what is going on in my body. They are passionate about community building and informed care, especially for pregnancy and birth. As a birth doula I'm very thankful they are in the community and supportive of families! Since having adjustments with them I find myself recovering faster from births and have more energy. Thank you Dr. David and Dr. Sarah!

emerald s

Emerald S.

I started seeing Dr. Sarah and Dr. David as part of my prenatal treatment. I am absolutely sure that their treatments helped to make my labor quick by aligning my pelvis. I am so grateful! They now are helping to get me back aligned post pregnancy, and have also adjusted my baby (super helpful after a few long car rides and airplane rides had him a bit out if alignment and crabby!). Dr. David and Dr. Sarah are awesome! I highly recommend them, especially for pre and post natal work!!!

brittany s

Brittany S.

If you are thinking about taking your little one or yourself to see Dr. Sarah and Dr. David, DO IT!! This is going to be a little long, but worth the read!!! These two have been such a blessing for our baby girl! We first brought her to see them when she was just 2 weeks old. She was a frank breech baby and had quite a bit of birth trauma from the C section. She had a barracuda latch and extreme tension in her jaw. She would pull her head to the right because of it. They were so gentle with her, their compassion was a breath of fresh air. They came up with a plan for her and we got started. After her first appointment, I could already tell a difference in her latch and the tension in her jaw!! We did end up figuring out she had a really bad tongue tie and opted for the surgery, but never stopped coming to see these two because of the obvious positive impact it was having on our Charley Rose. The surgery corrected her tongue, but they assisted in correcting the rest of her body!! She is now 6 months and goes once a month for maintenance! Her whole little being has greatly benefited from you both Dr. David and Dr. Sarah, and we can't thank you enough!! I also want to thank Rebecca for being the sweetest and most caring front desk gal we have ever met!!

elizabeth b

Elizabeth B.

Dr. Sarah and Dr. David helped both my 15-month-old son and myself. I was exploring chiropractic care as a way to decrease stress. Dr. Sarah and Dr. David did a comprehensive analysis of my health history, a thermal scan, and heart rate variability scan to analyze stress and interference in my nervous system. Based on my history and scan reports they created a care plan. I felt educated about my results and was excited to move forward. Their communication, attention to detail, and presentation was professional and thoughtful. They are great listeners and cared deeply about my concerns for myself and my son. In my past relationships with other chiropractors, I was getting adjusted similarly to others being adjusted simultaneously in the clinic . At Pure Light, my care was individualized, different (in the best way) than care I had previously received elsewhere, AND David and Sarah do their adjustments in a private room. On to my son- My son was struggling with regulation issues, sleep issues, and gross motor delays. They did the same analysis on him and created an individualized care plan. I was blown away by how quickly he responded to treatment. I saw improvements in his temperament immediately, after about 3-4 visits I saw improved physical coordination and after about 5-6 visits I saw improvements in his sleep. He was more comfortable and regulated in his environment which led to more bravery in trying to walk and climb and explore. He was less stressed out by his environment which allowed him deeper and more restorative sleep. I adore David and Sarah as care providers and as people.  They are touchstones for my family's health.

joanne M

Joanne M.

Dr. David and Dr. Sarah helped me during my second pregnancy and postnatal care.  They are extremely professional and at the same time the most down to earth people.  They care for every one of their patients and families and take their time getting to know you. The last month of my pregnancy was a lot more manageable and I owe it to them for providing amazing chiropractic care. My labor and delivery experience was quick and  I have also recovered well in a shorter amount of time than my first. Thank you both for your dedication in helping families living healthier!

maria w

Maria W.

Highly recommend this practice. Our baby went from stressed out, not sleeping, (no one could soothe her except me and it was constant) to happy and smiling and sleeping. Don’t hesitate, just go see them 🙂

jayde s

Jayde S.

Sarah and David came into my life as a total blessing. We met at a meditation class, not even realizing just how integral they would be for the next phase of my life. The Bend Phase. I have been frivolously adventuring under this Oregon sunshine, as well as working hard on a vineyard -- manually tending to two acres of organic grape vines. No matter how fulfilling it may be, any sort of agriculture work seems to wear on the physical self over time. Inevitably, if one wants to continue adventuring and cultivating, one must take care of herself a.k.a. the proper bodywork and restorative movement, which is where chiropractic care with Pure Light came into play for me.

I feel like a new woman after every adjustment -- taller, more oxygenated, and emotionally jovial! The first thing I noticed when I began chiro care was that the barometric pressure was no longer bothering my head, as it had done since experiencing whiplash a few years ago. The second was that my lower back discontinued to be sore whilst hunched over, pruning vines all day, and that was due to a misalignment of my pelvis. The adjustment of my pelvis has also accentuated my hiking experiences, as the adjustment of my neck has brought more clarity of mind in general. All in all, I highly recommend giving Pure Light a go, so we can all integrate our bodies and our passions together with more ease! Peace!

jen luke h

Jen & Luke H.

Dr.s David and Sarah have been such a positive and integral influence in the life of my son and me for the last year. I found them through recommendation of another business and took a chance. What a great chance I took! They are professional, kind, and passionate about what they do – you can tell by the way they light up when they talk about their work that it is a true calling for them. Initially, I was looking for help for my son because he experienced regular and cumbersome sicknesses, as well, I had a suspicion that he had some lingering issues from an older car accident that his doctors had dismissed. It turns out that he did! Dr.s David and Sarah did a thorough initial scan and exam of us both. Since seeing them my son’s sicknesses are rare and when they do come about the severity and duration are much less. Not only did they address what I was concerned for, they also helped me identify and navigate sensory and reflex issues for my son that were keeping him from thriving the way I knew he could. Since seeing Dr.s David and Sarah his coordination (or lack of!) has improved and his verbal skills have integrated seamlessly! Plus, anytime I tell him we are going to see Dr. David and Dr. Sarah he gets excited. He loves to tell them stories and play with all their toys, and in some way he just knows that he is loved and seen by them. They take the initiative to work with him in a way that he is comfortable and to build a genuine relationship with him. As well, I am no longer having migraines and I have so much more energy. The changes for my son and me can be seen in their cool follow up scans and are also evident in our lives! I was in a second car accident while under their care and I know that is why I didn’t suffer as many repercussions from whiplash as I could have. They have become a part of our lives and we are so lucky for it. They care about how our health is but they also care about the other parts of our lives too.

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Christina C.

I first came to Dr. Sarah halfway through my second pregnancy. She helped relieve back and pelvic pain that I still had from my first pregnancy and I believe my weekly visits to Pure Light helped me to have a quick second delivery. Four months postpartum and I'm still visiting with Dr. Sarah who has helped tremendously with my postnatal care. Dr. Sarah has even treated my daughter with cranial sacral therapy which improved my daughter's latch. Dr. Sarah & Dr. David are true gems in our community. When you are under Pure Light's care, you feel like family and you can rest assured you are getting the best possible care. I highly recommend Pure Light!

melissa p

Melissa P.

Early in the second trimester of my pregnancy I suffered from horrible sciatica and was barely able to walk. Dr. David and Dr. Sarah were able to relieve the pain completely in only two visits. I continued to receive care throughout my pregnancy and believe it played an instrumental role in the smooth natural birth of my 9lb+ son. They take such great care of their patients and have become great friends of ours. We can't thank them enough for helping us understand the importance of chiropractic care and nutrition for the whole family. Pure Light is such a great addition to the Bend community!

sierra p

Sierra P.

I was near the end of my first pregnancy when I was experiencing constant back and hip pain. I had seen chiropractors in the past but I was afraid due to their typical manner of adjusting. After my midwife pushed me to seek help for my pain I went on Google and found purelight chiropractic. Dr Sarah answered immediately, got me in the next day and was extremely compassionate with my situation. After I had gone for my first consult and adjustment I knew I wanted my whole family seeing Dr Sarah. Not only was she compassionate and gentle but was so effective. I felt like I had a new body every time I left her studio. Later dr David joined the practice and just added to the atmosphere and caring nature of Purelight. After I had such great success I decided to have my husband see them since he had a reoccurring shoulder injury that wouldn't get better. We had tried physical therapy and nothing was helping. Within a week or two of seeing Dr Sarah and Dr David his shoulder pain was completely gone. My husband is now able to work 50 hour weeks and I had a very short and smooth labor and delivery of our baby girl. Our newborn now sees Dr Sarah and we wouldn't trust anyone else with her. (Her first adjustment was at 2 days old!) If you're looking to finally heal your body, help with a pregnancy and or help your infant and child I HIGHLY recommend Purelight Chiropractic. Every dollar we spend to them is an investment in our health that we definitely see the rewards of! Thank you Dr Sarah and Dr David for not only being Bends greatest prenatal and child chiropractors but also for helping my husband be able to live without pain!

black family

The Black Family

"Dr. David and Dr. Sarah have changed our lives! My now 6 month old was sent to Physical Therapy for a range of motion issues in his neck. He was a colicky baby and has reflux issues and a friend of mine suggested I try Pure Light on top of PT. We have been going for 5 (ish) weeks now and my baby is now the happiest baby ever! He smiles more than ever and no longer has range of motion issues. His reflux has also improved! My 3 and a half year old is now being seen to help him unwind easier and to just be a happier/healthier boy. I can already see the difference in him after 3 weeks. I would recommend Pure Light to ANY and EVERYONE! Such a wonderful husband and wife Doctor Duo!"

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