When Will I See Progress


Many patients ask us “when will I begin to see progress?”

We see a WIDE variety of symptoms here at Pure Light. Some people see progress and breakthroughs immediately, some are slower and steadier over the course of an individualized care plan recommendation.

However, at Pure Light, symptoms are not our number one focus. 

We know that if your nervous system is balanced the body will do what it is designed to do! If you come into our office and are in a state of fight or flight, your body is in protection mode and uses MOST of its energy for basic survival and scanning for threats. This means there is not much energy left for digestion, quality sleep, healing from illness, dreaming, laughing, or play.

We care about your symptoms, but our most important priority is creating balance in your brain – allowing your body to go into rest mode. Having a balanced nervous system allows you to heal far beyond your original symptoms. 

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