Common Symptoms We See in Kids


Common symptoms we see in kiddos:

  • Re-occuring colds and lingering congestion
  • Skin irritations such as eczema and dermatitis
  • Constipation and tummy aches
  • Emotional dysregulation and difficulty with daily transitions
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep

Our biggest focus at Pure Light is to create better function within the nervous system – which naturally helps relieve the above symptoms.

With specific, gentle brain-based adjustments – we are helping restore and mature the neuro pathways (communication between the brain and the body).

The central nervous system is like a highway of communication between the brain and the body and it will always takes the most familiar and smooth route.

Imagine taking the highway versus a central Oregon forest road. While the backroads may be fun, it takes a lot more time and energy.

To mature your nervous system, we have to create pathways from your brain to your body that are free of interference.

Making these new pathways and experiencing true healing takes time and consistency.

Our doctors create customized care plans for your family to help get to the root issues – dysfunction in the nervous system.

When your nervous system is balanced and free – you can begin to heal how we were designed to…from the inside out!