When Will I See Progress

March 1, 2024

Many patients ask us “when will I begin to see progress?” We see a WIDE variety of symptoms here at Pure Light. Some people see progress and breakthroughs immediately, some…

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Assessing Your Nervous System

February 21, 2024

Your central nervous system is housed in your head, neck and spine and then branches out to every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. Do you think having a…

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Supporting Your Child

February 20, 2024

Parents… We know how much you do to help support your children. From dietary changes, to detoxes, health care specialists and everything in between. You will do whatever it takes…

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Common Symptoms We See in Kids

February 16, 2024

Common symptoms we see in kiddos: Our biggest focus at Pure Light is to create better function within the nervous system – which naturally helps relieve the above symptoms. With…

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Mothers Need Support Too

January 31, 2024

So many mothers are so busy taking care of everyone else, they often do not take action or feel they have the support to take care of themselves. Depletion. Exhaustion.…

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Functioning in Harmony

November 15, 2023

The way the nervous system, and in a larger sense the entire mind and body, prefers to function is in communication and harmony with the community around it. Whether it’s…

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Proper Breathing Techniques

November 10, 2023

What are things I can do in between adjustment visits to help calm and heal my nervous system? Breathing techniques are one of our favorite recommendations. Whether we are talking…

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Our Health Journey is a Marathon

November 9, 2023

With every adjustment we are assessing your nervous system, and its ability to process day to day life. We look at your body’s tone, your mobility, as well as your…

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The Power of the Nervous System

November 3, 2023

We believe in the power of a healthy nervous system. Your brain and spinal cord coordinate and control every cell, organ, and tissue in your whole body. When your nervous…

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Bring Balance to Your Body

October 16, 2023

The healing process can feel overwhelming…and it is almost never linear. Just as it takes years to build negative habits and patterns in your body, it takes time and consistency…

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