What Do Pediatric Adjustments Look Like?


What does a pediatric adjustment look like?

Children rest on a chiropractic table or on their parents’ lap. Sometimes children sit, crawl, walk, stand or play with the toys on the floor during their adjustments.

They do not need to hold still!

The doctors at Pure Light have advanced training in pediatric care and years of experience adjusting children of all ages and abilities. They adapt their techniques to the attention span and needs of your child. They are trained to gently assess and release sources of tension and imbalance in your little one’s spine and central nervous system with specific and gentle adjustments.

The techniques applied are very gentle and very safe and do not hurt children in any way. Sometimes children release emotions or cry during adjustments, and we hold space for them and never force anything. Our goal is always for your child to feel safe, comfortable, and nurtured.

Brain-based chiropractic adjustments release tension from daily stressors, regulate the nervous system and set the stage for the body to most efficiently use its own power to heal.

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