Thriving Chiro Kids!


You have probably already guessed this, but here at Pure Light we LOVE to see kids THRIVE!

Most commonly, parents will be their kids in for:

-Difficulty with sleep

-Short attention span/highly reactive behavior

-Immune system struggles

-Eczema or skin issues

-Sensory processing issues

-Highly active Bend kiddo with lots of bumps and falls

We are so honored to be trusted with your greatest treasures.

At the start of care, it is so fun to see all the different personalities, and as care progresses we get to see kids BLOSSOM!

More confidence, calmer, happier, sleeping better, better immunity, improved balance and coordination. Often, we have kids tell us “I knew my scans would be better because I feel so much better.”

We are so proud of all our Chiro kids!

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