The Central Nervous System

February 18, 2022

“Woah…it’s really that simple!? ”When a parent has a moment about what we do and understands it on a scientific level! The caveat is that it is actually very complicated but we understand what we are doing so well that it’s easy for us explain. Interested? Here we go — We use the spine as…

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Stress in the Nervous System

February 12, 2022

Have you ever considered how the stress that a mother experiences pre-conceptively, while pregnant and birthing can directly impact her baby? ⁠⁠Have you ever considered how stress and trauma can be imprinted and passed from one generation to the next?⁠⁠ “Stress that affected one generation will be played out in the next generation to the…

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Breathing Techniques

February 8, 2022

What are things I can do in between adjustment visits to help calm and heal my nervous system? Breathing techniques are one of our favorite recommendations. Whether we are talking Wim Hoff breathing, crocodile breathing, ujjayi breathing, belly breathing, 4-sided breathing, diaphragmatic breathing or any of the multitude of breathing techniques out there — they…

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An Overwhelmed and Overstimulated Brain

February 2, 2022

“Their tantrums are out of control.” “They can’t handle the loud sounds or the constant chatter of their siblings.” “The seams on their socks bother them. Their sleeves have to go down to their wrists.” “Broccoli and carrots cause them to scream as if they are being hurt so they only eat salty and soft…

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The Webster Technique

January 26, 2022

The Webster Technique is a gentle method of adjusting the pelvis. A balanced and well-adjusted pelvis allows for greater mobility and alignment of the foundation of the spine, which allows for greater function throughout the spine and central nervous system. In pregnancy, a balanced pelvis may allow for a more comfortable pregnancy and supports the…

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FAQ Friday!

January 21, 2022

FAQ Friday! “Why do you always check my feet during adjustments?” We get this question every now and then from our curious, analytical folks! It’s a great question!! The short answer is that we are checking the length of your legs and the tension in your heels. Your brain & body are always compensating to…

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Taking Care of Mom!

January 21, 2022

So many mothers are so busy taking care of everyone else, they often do not take action or feel they have the support to take care of themselves. Depletion. Exhaustion. Fatigue. Depression. Shame. Guilt. Easily triggered. Overwhelmed. Heightened emotions. Low motivation. Increased anxiety. Resentful. Short Fuse. Irritable. Doing something for yourself feels impossible. It is…

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Solution Focused > Problem Focused 

January 18, 2022

Solution focused > problem focused.  Instead of only focusing on your pain or symptoms, we are trained brain-based chiropractors. We focus on the health and connection of your nervous system. During your first appointment, we take an in-depth history to find out what your major stressors – physical, chemical and emotional – have been. Due to the…

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Sleep Challenges

January 14, 2022

Adapting to sleep challenges is one of the toughest parts of parenting that can lead to frustration, desperation, and resentment in many parents in our culture.There are also a ton of opinions on baby sleep and what is considered normal.Becoming empowered and knowledgable about WHY your child is waking at night will allow you to…

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THE Webster Technique

November 18, 2021

THE Webster Technique – WHAT is it and WHY it matters: The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment that focuses on reducing the effects of sacral misalignment and SI (sacroiliac) joint dysfunction. This adjustment greatly improves the neurobiomechanical function of the pelvis. WHY should you utilize prenatal chiropractic care & the Webster…

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