Adjustments & Detoxing

Adjustments _ Detoxing

Everyone is unique and lives unique life experiences. Everyone’s nervous system functions and adapts to life in a unique way as well. This is something we measure and track with our neurological scans starting on day one.

The body creates adaptations and compensations over years of experiencing physical, chemical, and emotional stressors.

The goal of brain-based chiropractic care is to peel back layers of trauma, dismantle compensations, and begin healing on a deep cellular level.

Cellular healing always involves detoxifying. Once starting on a course of consistent and frequent neurological chiropractic adjustments – we typically witness chemical, emotional, physical and behavioral detox symptoms in people of all ages.

This is why the doctors at Pure Light curate and recommend unique and individualized restorative care plans for every person who comes to us for help. The detox phase is always calculated into the healing journey. Following the recommended consistency and frequency of adjustments is a KEY element to creating lasting change.

Proper support during this detoxification and restoration phase is essential! We recommend:

  •         Drinking an abundance of pure water
  •         Eating only organic whole foods
  •         Epsom salt baths 2-3x per week
  •         Skin brushing 2-3x per week
  •         Gentle and light movement in the sunshine everyday
  •         Individualized guidance for mineral, herbal, homeopathic, and whole food based nutritional supplements

We are here for you every step of the way and will always celebrate you and your family’s healing breakthroughs!

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