The Art of the Nervous System

Art of the Nervous System

While a local musical artist was observing her friend being adjusted the other day, she commented that it looked like the doctor’s hands were moving as if they were tuning an instrument.

We love this metaphor!

Dr. David, Dr. Sarah & Dr. Liz have extensive training in various chiropractic analyses and techniques — from an objective, specific and scientific lens — they are able to locate, analyze and correct distortions and imbalances in your spine and central nervous system.

The art of chiropractic is each connection & performance of the adjustment. Each person who lays on our table is unique – with unique life experiences and unique expressions of health.

The nervous system is akin to a musical instrument – with tone & vibration.

When the nervous system is put under chemical, mental and physical stress, it can put your whole brain and body into a stressful state, which is needed for that moment. Most often, these stressful states become your compensated pattern of function that degrade the brain and body.

It is similar to an instrument that goes out of tune.

You can think of every adjustment as a tuning of your inner instrument – your brain and nervous system!

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