Vagus Nerve

The Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve in your body. It runs from your brain through the heart and into the digestive system. It contributes to your immune system function, heart health and almost every function in your body!

A fascinating attribute of vagus nerve function is that it regulates your ability to effectively switch from defensive behavior to social engagement — as you assess risk around you and determine if an environment is safe or not. This process creates new neural systems and supports social engagement.

Individuals with low or poor vagal tone regulation are expected to exhibit difficulties in regulating their emotional state and reacting appropriately to social cues and gestures, as well as expressing healthy emotion.

The docs at Pure Light always assess the function of your central nervous system to best understand exactly what is going on in your body, how you are responding to stress, and how adaptable you are to your environment. Every gentle adjustment directly supports healthy vagus nerve function and creates a stronger neural network to help you assess your environment better, strengthen your social vagal nerve, and better adapt to daily stressors.

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