Autonomic Nervous System


Your autonomic nervous system (ANS) is responsible for doing all of the daily things in your body that you do not have to consciously think about — such as your heart beating, the opening and closing of your blood vessels, digesting and assimilating your food, your lungs breathing, regeneration of skin and healing of wounds.

The ANS also coordinates a healthy pregnancy, a natural physiological birth, and all of the proper development of your baby and growing children.

Your ANS is composed of two main branches- your parasympathetic branch (healing) and your sympathetic branch (fight or flight).

Both branches are necessary and their responses are necessary and healthy throughout life.

The key is to have balance between the two.

Imbalance within your ANS created by an overload of stress can cause your body to maladapt and become dysfunctional.

Brain based chiropractic care helps create balance within your ANS with gentle, specific adjustments.

We are always striving for you and your family to have a healthy, functioning nervous system through all phases of life!

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