Do Symptoms Equal Sickness?


 Society tells us that symptoms = sickness.

However, we know that even when your body is functioning the healthy way it was designed to, you will still experience symptoms periodically.

These symptoms could look like a fever, sneezing, congestion, vomiting etc.

These are the signs that the body that is fighting a virus and creating an upgrade to your immune system.

We encourage you to change your perspective.

Instead of asking, “how do I get rid of these symptoms?” …Try asking, “how do I help support my body in this healing process?”

Some of our favorite ways are:

Getting adjusted!! This is the first thing we do when we start feeling our bodies expressing health. A balanced nervous system is able to heal faster and more efficiently.Increase rest. Rest is when our bodies heal and regenerate at a deep cellular level.

Spend time outside for some healthy air and sunshine. This is essential!

Eat homecooked, nourishing, warming foods and drink LOTS of clean, purified water.

Add in elderberry syrup — check out our favorite local brand, @everly_after, in stock at the office.

Changing your perspective is a crucial part of the healing process.

We love being here to support you along your healing journey!

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