Barefoot Grounding


When we walk on dirt, grass, or sand without shoes we are allowing our feet to build up strength in the proper places. Standard shoes force our feet into an unnatural position leaving our toes pinched together, therefore weakening our feet.

Think about a toddler’s foot shape. The average toddler spends most of their time barefoot and exploring, using their feet to feel the world beneath them. Their feet are wide, strong, and their toes fan out just a bit providing them with balance, grip, stability and mobility. Just like toddler’s, our toes should fan out slightly allowing us better balance, stability and mobility too!The benefits of barefoot walking and grounding surpass just general foot health, it is also great for your overall well-being. To break this down it’s important to know that the earth is made entirely of negatively charged electrons and we humans are made up of positively charged electrons. When we come in contact with the ground, we absorb these negative electrons through our skin and it helps bring balance and healing to our bodies. The benefits of barefoot walking include:

– Helps us come back to a parasympathetic state (rest and digest)

– Reduced cortisol levels

– Reduced inflammation

– Increased energy

– Improved posture and balance

– Improved sleep

– Supports healthy blood pressure

– Reduce free radicals

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