3 Stressor for Kiddos

3 Stressors for Kiddos

3 things that cause our kiddos stress during the back to school season:

  1. Late bed times followed by early, rushed wake-ups

Let’s start with getting them to bed earlier. Turn off the technology and blue lights. Create an hour long routine in dim, warm lights (we like salt lamps) with activities such as a bath / shower, a good amount of reading, prayer / gratitude for what happened today, and a massage / light back scratch before they go to sleep.

  1. Maxed out schedules

We know there are SO MANY awesome things to get your child involved with in the fall – after school meet ups, homework groups, tutoring, soccer, mountain bike camps, swimming, gymnastics etc. Pick one or two things to get your child involved with at a time on top of school. Your child is going to crave home time after being at school all day. This allows them to decompress, unwind and have fun in their most comfortable place, home.

  1. Learning new material / homework / learning challenges

Learning new things is so important! Most of our current curriculum in the school system is overwhelming to the central nervous system. Do you remember drinking from the firehose of new information at school? It’s intense!

If you have not added chiropractic care to your child’s health + wellness plan, now is a wonderful time to get started! It will help them better handle the stress of school by improving their sleep, handling transitions better, and creating a better ability to integrate new information learned at school.