It’s Summer Time


This week is the official start of summer for most of kiddos – yay! Here are some tips to help your children stay healthy and thrive all summer long!

Let them get dirty! Playing in the dirt supports their microbiome and allows for optimal learning and adaptation to their environment.

Lots of sunshine! Getting natural sunshine on their skin for 15 minutes a day without sun protection. It helps their body make vitamin D naturally to support their growth and immunity. The infrared light from the sunshine heats their body creating an internal environment of healing and growth. For sun protection, we like to play in the shade or cover up with UV protection hats/clothes or non-toxic sunscreen appropriately.

Barefoot is best! Barefoot walking encourages balance and strong body awareness and is also grounding for their nervous system. “Earthing” reduces inflammation in their body and it is number 1 antioxidant in the world!

Encourage bike riding and/or riding a scooter! These super fun activities are also so great for their balance and confidence. Always make sure they wear a helmet.

Eat lots of fresh, organic fruits and berries while they are in season. These provide many nutrients and antioxidants to protect against sunburn and optimize their growth and healing.Continue their restorative and wellness chiropractic adjustments throughout the summer! A balanced spine and nervous system allows them to enjoy their summer fun to the fullest!

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