Support In-Between Visits

PL Summer 22-1630

One of the biggest goals we set for every single person we care for is to help build more capacity in the nervous system — to help you and your families better heal, adapt to stress and enjoy life to the fullest!

Brain-based chiropractic care does this by creating more ease and balance within the whole body and clearing deep patterns of stress and tension with gentle, specific adjustments. Here are other ways you can support your nervous system regulation in-between restorative and wellness chiropractic adjustment visits:

  • Slow down the pace of your life. Practice mindfulness throughout the day, walk slower often and look more intentionally at your surroundings.
  • Pause more often throughout the day and minimize multi-tasking – aim to do one thing at a time. Be present and connect with your children and family.
  • Pace your healing and allow for integration. There are no quick fixes in true healing — surrender to the reality that it takes time to reach your goals.
  • Reduce your level of stimulation and access to news and social media.
  • Practice deep breathing exercises
  • Move your body in restorative and uplifting ways
  • Get out into nature – play, ground down and explore the beauty around you!
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