C-Sections and Chiro Care


C-section births and the necessity of infant chiropractic care: Cesarean births, or what we like to call “belly births,” are sometimes a necessary intervention for a number of reasons. It is estimated that approximately 30% of all births are via c-section.

We truly believe all birth stories are beautiful and behold so much wisdom.

However, all births are also intense in their own way on mothers and babies and c-sections often cause more underlying trauma for babies that is often overlooked.

It is estimated that physicians use between 60 to 88 pounds of pressure directly onto the head and neck of the baby during these procedures. Occasionally vacuum-assisted delivery is needed as well. We have heard more than once stories when the attending OB has had to stand on the operating table and use their full strength to pull the baby out if the baby is “stuck” in the pelvis.

Of course, these physicians are doing what they need to do in the moment for the overall safety of mom and baby, especially in emergency situations.

However, we all know how fragile and delicate new babies are and the underlying injury caused in these procedures does not simply resolve on its own… but often leads to a cascade of health challenges and impedes that child’s growth and development.

Gentle pediatric chiropractic care as soon as possible after birth allows for the restoration and correction of the underlying injury and trauma to your baby.

Newborn adjustments locate and clear the stress and interference in their little bodies that if undetected can lead to latching and nursing difficulties, colic, reflux, constipation, digestive stress, gassiness, and sleeping challenges… just to name a few.

Newborn adjustments are absolutely beautiful and very gentle and honoring to your baby. Many newborns sleep the entire visit. All of the doctors at Pure Light have advanced training to safely and effectively care for you sweet bundle, to give them the best start in life.At Pure Light we strongly believe all babies should be adjusted as soon as possible after birth, but ESPECIALLY belly birth babies.

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