Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care


If a mother’s pelvis is misaligned and her sacrum is rotated… how is that going to affect her baby?

How is it going to impact birth?

Biomechanical dysfunction in the spine, sacrum, and pelvis can lead to a more difficult and more painful labor. As prenatal chiropractors, the doctors at Pure Light have advanced training and are all certified in The Webster Technique. They embody an expert understanding of the sacrum and the pelvis — biomechanically and anatomically and how to best optimize a mother’s body for a healthy pregnancy and birth.

A mother’s pelvis must be in a state of harmony, not only for her comfort but also for her baby’s comfort. If there is structural harmony, growth and development are effortless, she is better able to better adapt to her changing body, pregnancy is much more enjoyable, and birth is much safer and easier.

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