Home Visits

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Home visits – such an honor to be welcomed into the sacred birth and postpartum space.

The doctors at Pure Light offer home visits during home births and postpartum for their mothers who have been under care throughout pregnancy.

Adjustments during labor can ease the intensity by calming the nervous system, help baby descend, relieve back labor, and reignite the process if things have stalled for any reason.

Postpartum adjustments allow a new mom to be adjusted as soon as possible after birth in the comfort of her home. A healthy postpartum recovery is essential to establish breastfeeding, help your family adjust to the newest addition (whether it’s the first child or beyond), and to promote a mother’s emotional and physical health. During the fourth trimester, which is unique to each mother, the hormonal system and nervous system are adapting to the absence of baby in the womb. The entire body is also healing from 9 months of pregnancy-related changes and your unique experience of birth. Postpartum chiropractic adjustments aid beautifully in this process to help your body recover strong and resilient allowing you to be the best expression of yourself for you and your family.

Home visits also allow us to fully evaluate & adjust your new baby at home, without the overwhelm of getting baby into the car and driving across town. We offer a complimentary evaluation to all of our new babies whose mamas were adjusted throughout pregnancy to help give them the best start in the life!

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