Unwinding Baby Stress


We have had SO MANY new babies express a common thread in our office recently…They have been uncomfortable, fussy, and unable to fully connect with their parents. It has been stressing out parents and not creating a foundation of proper function within their little bodies.

Just a few weeks into care & these little ones have been relaxing, opening up, and becoming their best selves! We have been getting big smiles from Mom & Dad, baby, and the Pure Light Team!

Why have so many babies been uncomfortable, fussy, and unable to connect?

First, it’s been a stressful year for so many families. They felt the stress through their mom in the womb and now they are expressing that stress in the outside world.

Second, there are factors that are not allowing them to relax – stress patterns from pregnancy, birth trauma and instances that have happened post birth — such as reactions to what Mom is eating or reaction to toxins in their environment or put into their body.

Third, their fussiness and inability to calm down fully continues to exhaust Mom, Dad & and the rest of the family continuing to perpetuate the cycle of stress. How did we get them to calm down and connect? We begin the process of unwinding their stress and tension through consistent chiropractic care.

Then, we give Mom & Dad more ways to help support their little bodies at home. The result…happy, healthy, and THRIVING babies who are now beginning to hardwire calm, healthy and happiness into their brain and body as they develop into fully functioning human beings!!

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