The Gravity of Growth Mode


It is a common yet always profound experience for us when new parents explain to us that after their baby’s adjustment — “We handed them back a new baby.”

This means their child was struggling and now they are calm, collected, sleepy and happy. Parents get to finally experience the truest expression of their child. These words bring us so much joy! It’s what gets us up early to see families in our office and pushes us to reach more families in our community.

That child is now set up for better function in their body for a lifetime. YES!

Mom and Dad are getting more rest, there is less stress in the household, everyone is enjoying life instead of stressing about it, and baby is receiving the physical and neurological nourishment that their brain and body was craving.

Their brain and body are in growth mode instead of protection mode. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE GRAVITY OF THIS!? The brain is now patterning in growth mode as the foundation for all other aspects of health to be build upon.

It’s time to get your kiddos evaluated by a family chiropractor that puts neurology (brain/body connection) at the forefront of all the care they deliver.

Cheers to a happier, healthier, less stressful, and more balanced life for the entire family!

Don’t believe it’s possible in the most stressful time in human existence!? Start talking with parents of ChiroKids and ChiroFamilies! You will be blown away. ✨