The Road Less Travelled


Recently, a friend sent me a picture of his daughter and his niece sitting on the floor together.

They were born within two weeks of each other. .In the picture, his daughter was engaged and attentively looking at a book. .His niece was gazing off into space.

The words attached to the photo, “The picture speaks a thousand words. This was the case during our entire visit with our family over multiple days.”.Our friend also happens to be a family chiropractor who has focused on creating the most clear, connected, and healthy child before she was even born.

His brother and sister-in-law have followed the mainstream healthcare route through conception, pregnancy, birth, and infancy.

Two children, with very similar genetics, are displaying vastly different levels of brain function and health.

We have noticed the same thing with our own daughter and families who have chosen to care for their children in the same way.

Taking the road less traveled when it comes to your child’s health that requires more conscious choices and alternative perspectives leads to healthier, happier, and more conscious kiddos. If the advice or recommendations you are receiving are from the mainstream…QUESTION and do you research before blindly accepting.

The parents who take the alternative route create what we call Super Human ChiroKids..The path is simple and makes the world of a difference for your child and your family!

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