Stress Overload & Emotional Outbursts


One of the most common reasons parents bring their kiddos in to see us for care is for behavioral issues, anger outbursts, and emotional dysregulation.
How does chiropractic care help with emotional regulation, sensory overload and reactionary behavior?
Quite simply, by decreasing their internal stress.
Dysautonomia results when there is stress in the neurospinal system.
This causes the subconscious brain to be dominant in sympathetics – or fight or flight mode.
This constant stress signal to the brain can create the intensity, overwhelm & overstimulation that many kids show through behavioral and sensory issues.
Today our children are facing more stress than ever before.
This stress comes in the form of toxins, traumas, and emotions.
The more clear their nervous system is, the greater their adaptability to the toxins and stresses we cannot avoid.
Gentle pediatric adjustments calm the system, put the breaks on and help rebalance the sensory input to the brain.
It is like turning off Metallica playing in their brain and putting on Classical music.
We utilize advanced neurological scans to measure the stress in the neurospinal system as well as measure the stress response in the body.
We specialize in helping children adapt, thrive and reach their full potential!.
We are happy to help answer questions and offer guidance anytime.

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