Seasons of Parenthood


We embrace the change of seasons four times per year.
These equinoxes and solstices are a natural rhythm that we must surrender to.
We often grieve the temporary loss of what we enjoyed about the previous season and look ahead with excitement at the things we love about the upcoming season.
We all go through our own seasonal changes within our individual lives.
There are natural rhythms within our body & seasons of pregnancy & postpartum & parenthood.
Each trimester of pregnancy offers its own unique moments of joys and challenges.
The postpartum transition to motherhood is a season of its own.
As children grow – they go through seasons of sleep patterns, teething, immune system upgrades, motor development and intellectual & emotional development.
New parents often feel overwhelm during the challenges that come along with these seasons – as they do not always see the shift ahead.
Do you ever feel like some seasons fly by and others feel never-ending?
It is the same with parenthood.
Some months of pregnancy seem like they last forever and some are fleeting.
Although some days & nights can feel long – the first few months of life with a newborn can feel like a blur – as that season comes and goes.
With each stage of parenthood- life with a toddler, preschooler, and beyond – we become so immersed in our seasons, we do not always see the impending change.
Once we get into a rhythm – we will soon need to transition.
These transitions can come with feelings that are mixed with relief and grief.
As parents, we also have the responsibility to guide our children through the transitions and help them develop their emotional resilience for their future.
We encourage you to live in the moment. Try to sit back and enjoy all the seasons of life. Surrender to the natural challenges and the beauty of change. Before you know it – the years fly by and our kiddos are all grown up.
Embrace, surrender, love, & enjoy every moment.
Happy Fall! 🍁🌞🍂

With Love,

Dr. Sarah

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