Dear Expecting Mamas,


Dear Expecting Mama,
You do not need to hold the whole world on your shoulders.
Politics. Wildfires. Pandemics. Social Issues.
There is a lot of turmoil and stress in our world – seems like more now than ever in our lifetimes.
You need not worry.
We are continually reminding all of our pregnant mamas to create a greenhouse around you.
Stay warm. Stay nurtured. Soak up the fresh air and sunshine in your heart.
You do not need to brave the elements.
You do not need to carry the weight of the world.
Your only duty and responsibility right now is to you, your sweet baby and your family.
Try to focus on connection. Surround yourself with support. Make time for self-care. Stay well-adjusted. Visualize your ideal birth experience. Enjoy the precious , fleeting moments of pregnancy as much as you can.
Your baby is a light worker and they are coming into this world to bring hope and healing.
While holding the space for creation within, your nervous system and hormones are more receptive and sensitive than ever.
It is normal to feel the grief and anxiety that comes with everything right now – but try not to stay there too long.
We are always here to remind you that you are strong and resilient.
We are here to help clear the stress in your nervous system, all while helping you stay healthy and prepare for birth and postpartum.
Mama, you got this!

Shine Bright,
Dr. Sarah

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