Learning Through Movement


Did you know that the brain learns through movement?

Here are some great ways to integrate and help your brain cells grow through different movement patterns:

1. The back part of your brain oversees survival, fight flight and freeze. Cells move and grow through compression, expansion, and rocking.

2. The mid part of your brain oversees hormones, short term memory, and feeling pain and pleasure. The cells move and grow through up and down motions (jumping!) and side bending/rocking.

3. The forebrain, or wisdom brain, oversees processing complex thoughts, memories, communication, fine motor, and so much more. These cells move and grow in cross patterns — crawling, skipping, and walking forward and backward.

Did you know…chiropractic adjustments also stimulate the forebrain! ?

This is just one reason we get so excited about the amazing neurological changes behind every adjustment.

Through specific & gentle adjustments along with intentional movement, your brain can keep learning, adapting, evolving, and integrating throughout your life!

So cool!

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