Central Pattern Generator

Central Pattern Generator

Have you ever heard of a central pattern generator (CPG)?

Central pattern generators are neuronal circuits that, when activated, produce rhythmic motor patterns such as suckling, swallowing & breathing (think nursing), crawling, walking, chewing, swimming and more.

CPG’s are self-organizing biological neural circuits that produce rhythmic outputs in the absence of rhythmic input. They are found in the brain and are located in the lower thoracic and lumbar regions of the spinal cord.

CPG’s are naturally activated in utero and advance throughout the natural progression of development in babies and children.

They are evidence of our perfectly orchestrated design!

However, interference in the nervous system from stress — in utero stress, birth trauma, emotional stress, chemical toxins, falls & injuries and more— can lead to pattern disruptions in CPG’s.

Some symptoms of disruptions in central pattern generators include:

  •     Gulping and gasping while breastfeeding due to a disorganized suck-swallow-breathe         pattern
  •     Respiratory concerns such as sleep apnea and mouth breathing
  •     Delayed motor development or skipping milestones such as crawling
  •     Compensated crawling pattern – think scooting or leg dragging instead of the ideal cross-crawl pattern
  •     Poor balance and coordination
  •     Delayed speech
  •     Delayed social development

Brain-based chiropractic care gently resolves stress and tension in the central nervous system, therefore clearing interference in central pattern generators.

This is one facet of why we see improvements in breastfeeding, motor development, respiratory wellness, balance and coordination, speech and social development in our office daily!

Reach out to us to learn more and to see how neurologically driven chiropractic care can help you and your family thrive!

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