Proactive Choices for Expecting Moms


Hey expecting mamas!

Want to make conscious & proactive choices to have a healthy pregnancy, prepare for birth and experience a strong postpartum recovery?

  • Avoid excessive sitting. When you sit too much, your hip flexor muscle (psoas) can become very contracted. This muscle actually sits on backside of your uterus and can cause torsion and restriction, which will have a direct impact on baby’s positioning and birth. Moms who are sitting at a desk for hours must counteract this by stretching, walking and taking breaks from sitting. Also, proper ergonomics and avoiding slouching or sitting on sofas/reclining couches is key.
  • Minimize stress levels in pregnancy. Most moms don’t even consciously realize how much stress they are under because it is so normal for them. Many moms have the mindset of being a “supermom” and try to “do it all.” You can totally do what you feel best but learn your new limits. If your nervous system is in fight or flight – that programs your baby to be in fight or flight too.
  • Breath. We are so busy that we breath to live but we don’t often sit down and focus on our breath. Diaphragmatic belly breathing instantly calms you if you are feeling stressed and overstimulated. The diaphragm and its movement is intricately related to pelvic floor balance. It also helps with heartburn. Breathing puts your nervous system in parasympathetics which is growth and development mode which is food for your baby growing inside of you.
  • Gentle & effective movement: stretch, pelvic tilts and figure 8’s on a physioball, supported deep squats, happy baby pose, butterfly, bridges, cat cows — these are all supportive of your growing body and solid prep for birth.
  • Receive prenatal wellness chiropractic care from a Webster certified doctor! Prenatal chiropractic adjustments help expectant mothers to have a balanced nervous system and structure, which is vital to the development of her baby.

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