FAQ Friday!



“My baby DOES NOT LIKE tummy time. They cry and yell at me the entire time. What’s going on?”

We hear this statement from new parents all the time in regards to putting their baby on tummy time. Here are some tips to get your baby to enjoy tummy time:

  • Your little one most likely has strain and tension in their neck and upper back. It’s uncomfortable for them to lay in tummy time for even a few minutes. The worst part, the dysfunction happening in their body is stressing out their brain and suppressing their development. Gentle pediatric adjustments by a trained pediatric chiropractor unwind and resolve this tension, allowing them to have more ease, comfort and mobility.
  • Start with 1-3 minutes at a time and make it entertaining for them. Get down on the floor with them, put their favorite toy in front of them or an exploration mat.
  • Support your baby with a u-shaped pillow under their armpits and place toys on the floor in front of them. This one will usually do the trick 😉
  • Wear them in a baby carrier throughout the day and during naps. This helps them calm in your presence and allow them to turn their head to either side while on their stomach facing you **Key word is that they need to be turning their head to BOTH SIDES when in the carrier**
  • During diaper changes, put their left hand to their right foot and right hand to their left foot. Crossing their body with hand to foot motions creates the neurological pathways to optimize their development.

Your baby enjoying tummy time is a crucial step on the journey of optimal physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.

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