Strong Immunity


Here’s how to keep your immune system STRONG during this holiday season…Don’t just try to avoid germs, but instead work on fortifying your body and your children’s bodies to best adapt.

Address underlying stress by getting adjusted with brain-based chiropractic care. A clear nervous system helps your body function SO MUCH BETTER! Your family receives a 200% immune boost from getting adjusted consistently.

Heal your gut! Stay away from the processed foods, pasteurized dairy, refined sugars, and foods you know that your body does not tolerate well. Eating clean will decrease inflammation and help your immune system work the way it was designed to!

Exercise the right amount for your body and REST if you feel any symptoms coming on. Exercising too much plummets the immune system by stressing out the body. Not exercising enough causes you to miss out on the neurological benefits, increased blood flow, and proper lymphatic flushing movement provides. Listen to your body on how much exercise you need. Get after it!

Get adequate sleep. If you need to take a nap, DO IT! We know this can be a hard while traveling but do your best.Make sure to get sunshine on your skin for at least 15 min per day and make sure to be supplementing with a vitamin D3 supplement.

Other essentials to have on hand for immune boosts are whole food-based vitamin C, zinc, elderberry syrup, probiotics, cod liver oil, Ion Gut, echinacea tea, mushroom adaptogens, collagen protein, homemade bone broth, and CPTG essential oils!

Most importantly…do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to make sure you experience boat loads of love! Your immune system and your social vagus nerve (highest brain function mode) LOVE OXYTOCIN!!

Do your best to let the stressful, extended family interactions roll off your shoulders instead of causing you to spin into madness! Surround yourself with those who light you up and fill your cup!We wish you many blessings of health, vitality and abundance this holiday season!!