Stressed-Out Kiddos?


Do you have a stressed-out kiddo?

Here are some common signs:

⁃ Difficult mornings ⁃

“After school” melt-downs

⁃ Lack of focus and unable to be productive

⁃ Unwilling to try new things

⁃ Doesn’t want to leave the house

⁃ Immature social development

⁃ A weak immune system

The hardest part about having a stressed out kiddo is that THERE IS NO QUICK FIX that actually creates lasting change. You must put in the work for the long-haul.

Stressed out kiddos become stressed out teens that become stressed out adults with a label of anxiety &/or depression. The brain was never meant to be under so much consistent stress. Therefore, YOU can get them off the stress train and back into a healthier, more relaxed state of being.

Their brain needs to be re-patterned into a balanced state helping them live from their highest brain – social vagus. The best way to do this?Consistent chiropractic care as the foundation then you can build other lifestyle changes on top of the chiropractic foundation.

Other essentials steps to take:

ELIMINATE the sugar and artificial junk. Focus on making sure they have a bullet proof gut. Notice their food sensitives and eliminate them. Too hard? Start with gluten & pasteurized dairy.Minimize screen-time

Get them outside and encourage physical exercise

Create healthy social opportunities

Most importantly…you need to put in the reps over and over and over again!

We are always here to implement individualized strategies and to answer any questions during your adjustment visits!

You got this Mom and Dad!

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