A Balanced Central Nervous System


You cannot build a house of health upon a faulty neurological foundation.

Promoting proper function of the central nervous system (CNS) is the basis behind everything that we do at Pure Light.

It is VITAL that you & your children live life with a balanced CNS without too much stress or overdrive mode. When we create balance within the CNS, health and healing comes from within.

A balanced CNS that adapts well to stress is directly influenced by alignment and movement of the body. We find biomechanical and structural dysfunction in almost every person who comes into our office… whether they are 2 days old or 80+ years old.

Disruptions within the structure of the spine stresses the brain, does not allow adequate nourishment to the brain via proper movement, and the cycle of stress and low adaptability to stress continues.

With greater balance and alignment, you & your family can adapt better to the stressors of life. The stressors will no longer create massive meltdowns, poor sleep, sensory overload, anxiety, discomfort… and the list goes on.Balancing the CNS and aligning the structure of the body creates positive health outcomes higher than you ever thought possible!