THE Webster Technique


THE Webster Technique – WHAT is it and WHY it matters:

The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment that focuses on reducing the effects of sacral misalignment and SI (sacroiliac) joint dysfunction. This adjustment greatly improves the neurobiomechanical function of the pelvis.

WHY should you utilize prenatal chiropractic care & the Webster technique during your pregnancy?

Sacral subluxations and pelvic imbalances can contribute to dystocia (a difficult labor) and affect uterine nerve function, and reduce space for your baby in the uterus. BENEFITS of the prenatal chiropractic care & the Webster Technique:

💜 Reduces pain and discomfort during pregnancy (low back, pubic symphysis, sciatica etc.).

💜 Promotes optimal biomechanics & reduces torsion on the pelvis and surrounding tissues – which promotes a strong postpartum recovery.

💜 Leads to improved labor times – shorter, safer and less interventions.

💜 Creates optimal space in the uterus for baby to assume the safest and most optimal birthing position

💜 It is safe and effective!All of the doctors at Pure Light are highly trained, highly experienced and certified in the Webster Technique for pregnancy care through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

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