Let’s Talk about Toxins!


Let’s talk about toxins.

Toxins and chemicals are huge stressors to your nervous system as well as to your children’s developing nervous systems. Did you know that the term “artificial flavors” can hide up to 3,000 additional chemicals that do NOT need to be disclosed? Up to 3,164 chemicals can be used in combination under the word ‘fragrance’, and there are absolutely no laws in the United States regulating this.

It can be overwhelming when we examine the products we use every day! We are so passionate about what we feed our families, the ingredients we use, and the products we allow in our homes.

Have you heard the term ‘greenwashing’? Companies can use the words “natural” or “botanical” on their labels, and green leaves on the front to make their products look clean/more attractive to consumers.

We recommend using the “Think Dirty” or “EWG” apps when shopping to help confirm what is actually toxin-free! If you have never done a thorough examination on what you are using, we recommend choosing one part of your life that you feel ready to change over. (ie shampoo, lotions, laundry detergent, makeup).

Little steps over time make a big difference. If you need recommendations, we love talking about how to create optimal and practical changes!