Chiropractic Care after Birth


Chiropractic care immediately after birth and through every stage helps your child to express more of who they truly are. Stress during pregnancy and a difficult birth can cause trauma and underlying injury to your newborn’s spine and central nervous system.

Common causes of this stress:If a baby is breech for any amount of time in the late 3rd trimester it can lead to in utero constraint and stress on baby.If a birth provider performs an external cephalic version (ECV) to try and turn a breech baby and/or a mother is put on bed rest with belly band strapping down the baby in utero.

If a mother experiences a medicated birth with an epidural and Pitocin this can cause intense contractions without rest, for mom and baby. Birth interventions, such as vacuum extraction or forceps delivery (10-30lbs of force) while nurses push down on a mother’s belly. Emergency c-section in which the baby is quickly and forcefully removed from the womb.We truly believe every birth is sacred, beautiful and transformational. We also fully recognize that sometimes medical interventions are necessary.

If your baby is not thriving, not nursing with ease, not pooping well, not sleeping normally, experiences colic and reflux, and seems generally unhappy and uncomfortable in their little bodies – it is likely that they have underlying birth trauma. Infants and children need a healthy brain-body connection to reach their full potential. Given the exponential growth and development of our children, there is no better time for their nervous system to be in balance.

Gentle, safe, effective pediatric adjustments allow for your baby to unwind stress and tension and optimize their development.