How Chiropractic Affects Balance and Coordination


A daily testimonial we hear at Pure Light is that our people are experiencing improved balance and coordination. ⁠⁠

Our mountain bikers, trail runners, and rock climbers notice they have up-leveled their game and are surpassing personal records and reaching new heights.⁠Parents are thrilled to see their kiddos excelling at BMX biking, soccer, snowboarding, skiing, dance, gymnastics, martial arts, rodeo competitions, swimming meets and beyond!⁠⁠It is no coincidence that our everyday athletes are winning first place in their competitions — they have the winning edge — a balanced brain and neuro-spinal system!⁠⁠

Every adjustment we provide is focused on creating more balance in your brain and body and allowing your brain and body to better communicate within. ⁠⁠Noise, or nociception, created by stresses, toxins and traumas add up overtime starting from in utero experience, into birth and throughout a lifetime. ⁠⁠If this noise to your central nervous system is left unchecked, it does not allow for proper nourishment, or proprioception, to reach the brain at it’s highest level. ⁠⁠

Noise throws off our brain’s ability to function, coordinate, balance and observe itself at normal pace of life or at high speed on the slopes or trails. ⁠⁠When the noise turns into nourishment, the brain and body connection becomes more coordinated via the vestibular system in our brain causing these daily testimonials of passing personal records and reaching new heights. ⁠⁠

Make sure you and your family have the winning edge in your daily life and during athletics — now and forever more — with brain-based chiropractic care!⁠⁠