‘Tend and Befriend”


Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘Tend and Befriend?’

The discussion around how our nervous system responds to stress often involves the phrase “fight or flight,’ but ‘tend and befriend’ is another form of the same stress response — mostly seen in women.

You may relate to ‘tend and befriend’ more than you do to ‘fight or flight.’’

Befriending’ is when you just need to call up that close friend after a crazy day and talk about a stressful conversation or situation. ‘Tending’ is when you take care of your environment around you before yourself.

Have you ever said to your partner or friend, ” I definitely want to spend time with you but first I have to do laundry, clean the kitchen, pack lunches, etc?” Both tending and befriending are constructive, healthy, positive strategies but if you find you are in a cycle of always needing to vent or putting your chores before yourself and family – you may be in a chronic stress response.

We love supporting you through all of life’s transitions and helping you understand your process. Chiropractic adjustments help you get out of the stress mode and back into healing mode.