The Power of Love

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We often hear anxiety in a parent’s voice as they explain what symptoms their kids are expressing.

Parents often feel guilty- always looking inward and feeling at fault for whatever their child may be experiencing.

They often feel “not good enough” or reflect as time passes, that they wish they had done certain things differently.

Being a parent in 2020 can feel complicated. It can feel like every choice has a pro and a con.

Whether it’s how or what you feed them, how much screen time, how you handled sniffles and teething, plastic toys or wooden toys, how much social time, how you handle bumps and falls, and on and on and on.

It’s easy to feel guilty and judged at every stage.

While many of these daily choice are important for optimal development (& we are always non-judgmental & happy to offer guidance to help your children thrive) one thing we do see in every parents eyes is ultimate LOVE.

Parents- you truly & simply want to always do what is best for your babies.

We want to remind you today that when you LOVE them fully and unconditionally – you already are.

This LOVE is the most important thing they need and the one thing that will have the most life-long impact.

They won’t really remember anything else and let’s be real – they are pretty resilient to almost everything else (ESPECIALLY if they are well-adjusted chirokids with superstar nervous systems!)

Moms & Dads – take a deep breath.

Your best is good enough. 

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