Your Beliefs Rule Your Life


At the moment of conception, more than 400 million sperm seek to find one egg. Out of the 400 million sperm, only one joins the egg. With all the potential of a father’s sperm and a mother’s egg, there could have been any one of three hundred thousand billion humans created. Who came forth? YOU!

In this process of conception, does a mother or father need to tell the sperm to meet the egg?

For thirty minutes after a sperm meets an egg, there is one cell. After thirty minutes, two cells emerge, then four, then eight, and the cascade begins. 

At day 17, the brain and spinal cord begin to form. The first and most vital organ system in the body. At day 21, the heart forms and pumps blood throughout the baby’s body. 

The digestive system begins to form during week 3 and the lungs at week 4. 

At week 6, baby’s facial features, arms and legs are developing. At week 12, baby has a fully functional body measuring only two inches long. 

How many times does a mother have to consciously tell her baby to grow a brain, heart, and lungs?

Over the next 28 weeks, baby grows and grows getting ready for the outside world. A growing baby’s brain has to develop 250,000 brain cells every minute to form the 100 billion brains cells of a newborn baby. 

Between 38 weeks and 42 weeks, baby’s body tells mother’s body when it is time to be born. Labor begins and birth occurs!

Do mothers have to consciously tell their babies when it is time or how to be born?

Outside of the womb, baby breathes perfectly for the first time. Baby sees perfectly for the first time. Baby hears perfectly for the first time. Baby feeds perfectly for the first time. Baby sleeps perfectly for the first time. 

From the moment of conception, this cascade of natural events formed a beautiful baby inside of it’s mother’s womb. What orchestrated this entire process of forming a baby if it wasn’t the mother consciously telling her body and baby what to do? 

The conductor of this beautiful orchestra is the innate intelligence that allows life itself to exist. This innate intelligence is within every one of us and every living thing on Earth. This intelligence resides in every sperm and egg creating the clump of cells that form a beautiful child. 

Once a baby is in the outside world, where does that intelligence go? Does it disappear? 

The innate intelligence is still running a baby’s body. We were created so beautifully, so gracefully and so perfectly. 

So were we designed to get sick? Or were we designed to be healthy? 

If a child is designed so beautifully, then why do some get reoccurring ear infections, regular colds, and the flu every year? Why do adolescents and adults develop chronic illness?

Whereas, why do other human beings stay perfectly healthy from birth through their last breath of life?

The answer of why sickness and chronic disease develop is interference to the innate intelligence of the body. 

How is this interference created? We live in a stressful, toxic world. 

We can all agree that our world is continually more stressful and more toxic. We can minimize and avoid these stressors and toxins as much as we can, but mostly we need to be better adapt. When we learn to better adapt to our stressful toxic world, the innate intelligence of our bodies can do its job…create health for a lifetime!

If you are looking to drastically change your health and your family’s health, start every health choice with this one simple question. 

Will the consequence of this choice HELP the innate intelligence of my body or my child’s body or INTERFERE?

Choices either help create health or choices interfere to create sickness and disease. 

It’s that simple. 

Remember back to day 17 in utero? The brain and spinal cord begin to develop. 

This system develops first in a baby and all other systems develop from it. It is the most important and vital organ system of your entire body. This is the system that adapts to stress. This is the primary system that needs to be clear of interference. 

A healthy spine means a healthy brain. A healthy brain, nervous system, and spine from the start is a choice health conscious families make to optimize the health and longevity of their entire family!