The Central Nervous System


“Woah…it’s really that simple!?

”When a parent has a 💡 moment about what we do and understands it on a scientific level!

The caveat is that it is actually very complicated but we understand what we are doing so well that it’s easy for us explain.

Interested? Here we go —

We use the spine as a conduit to influence the Central Nervous System (CNS) (your brain and spinal nerves). It is your body’s master control system. When the joints of the spine are properly moving they feed the Central Nervous System with the majority of its nourishment via proprioception. When the joints of the spine ARE NOT properly moving they feed the CNS with STRESS via nociception. About 1/3 of all the CNS’s nourishment/proprioception comes from the upper cervical spine – the base of the skull, the top bone of the neck (the Atlas), and the second bone from the top of the neck (the Axis).

A big influence into how this area functions is related to proper movement of the tailbone as well…that concept would require a whole other explanation so just take our word for it! If the joints in spine are moving properly, the CNS is in the habit and enjoyment of receiving its proper nourishment. If the joints in the spine are not moving properly, which is the case for most babies, children and adults, the CNS becomes dependent on the stress response, never allowing that person to experience proper, life giving, health sustaining, neurological balance.

Here’s where we come into the picture 🙌🏽 Through consistent chiropractic adjustments, we are aiding the body to release old, stuck patterns of stress & tension. We help the CNS to re-learn and enjoy the benefits of nourishment from proper spinal joint movement…and YES, we monitor this process with technological, objective scans…and the results are MIRACULOUS! We told you it was easy to understand! 😉