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Solution focused > problem focused. 

Instead of only focusing on your pain or symptoms, we are trained brain-based chiropractors.

We focus on the health and connection of your nervous system. During your first appointment, we take an in-depth history to find out what your major stressors – physical, chemical and emotional – have been.

Due to the fact that your nervous system is the stress adaptation system of our body, we are looking to see how that system could have been overwhelmed and cause the challenges you’re currently experiencing. This is also the time we will discuss your goals for you and your family’s care. Dr. Sarah, Dr. David, and Dr. Liz want to make sure their goals align with yours so you can be on the same path moving forward. We utilize an advanced chiropractic technology that scans your spine and delivers a computerized image of the stress and tension to your nervous system. Two different technologies give us an objective assessment.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a global measure of how stressed the brain and nervous system are. It indicates the amount of autonomic reserve and resiliency the nervous system contains to deal with the abundant amount of stressors in today’s society.

Infrared thermal scan measures temperature differences along your spine. When there are disturbances to your nervous system along the spine, there are often temperature differences from side to side due to inflammation and changes in blood flow. A thermal scan is non-invasive and reveals the condition of your autonomic nervous system controlling your organs, glands and circulatory system.

During your empowerment session, the doctor will go through your neurological scan results and your recommendations for care. The team of doctors as Pure Light create a care plan specifically to help you and your family to reach your goals, AND help you become the best version of you.