Nursing Challenges


Helping new moms and their babies overcome latching and nursing challenges is something we do every single day in our office.

One common struggle for moms is maintaining the proper milk supply to support their little one.There are many variables at play when it comes to supply issues and every mother’s journey is unique.Here are some helpful reminders to help you as you find your groove:

💖 Receiving postpartum chiropractic care allows your body to properly integrate stress – daily stress – but more importantly the physical and emotional stress of healing from birth and adapting to all of the new demands of motherhood. When your body is not focused on storing and dealing with loads of stress, it can focus on creating more milk for baby.

💖 Staying well-hydrated and well-nourished as a new mom is of utmost importance when it comes to milk supply. Hiring a postpartum doula and having a friend set up a meal train for you in your community is a game-changer. Always have a water bottle with you and make drinking it a habit!

💖 Skin-to-skin with baby helps to increase oxytocin levels for bonding and helps your body regulate milk supply for babies needs, as well as sleeping near your baby as this allows you to feed responsively.

💖 Getting proper rest is tough with a newborn, but it is essential. Your body needs to restore its energy to create the amount of milk needed to nourish a growing baby.

💖 We always highly recommend working with an IBCLC lactation consultant (we LOVE Kelly at @latchy_mama_lactation) who can help you figure out if baby is removing milk efficiently based off of their latch, positioning or if they have other unique circumstances, such as a tongue or lip tie. If baby is having challenges, gentle pediatric chiropractic care for baby can also help tremendously!

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