“Limbic Lock”

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When emotions & fear go up, IQ goes down.

When you are feeling emotions, anxiety and fear in your mind and body – your brain is firing your limbic system.

When we experience loads of physical traumas, emotional triggers, and chemical toxins throughout our lives, our brains literally turn down/off our rational higher brain center.

This therefore turns off our ability to adapt to stress and properly regulate bodily functions through our parasympathetic autonomic nervous systems (growth/healing/rest&digest mode!)

We get stuck in “limbic lock” – where our emotions are running our physiology, thoughts and actions. This also causes our brainstem to activate the sympathetic branch of our autonomic nervous system – protection mode or fight/flight/freeze mode.This limbic lock & fight/flight/freeze mode is not sustainable and is often the root cause of so many issues in people’s lives.

We measure and monitor this response throughout our brain-based chiropractic care plans through a variety of neurological evaluations — one being heart rate variability (HRV). When our patients commit to their recommended consistency for adjustments in our practice – we see the limbic system and sympathetics down regulate and literally change the way your brain functions in a healthier way!

The health of your brain and spine have a massive impact on you and your children’s experience in the world.